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 MBM - V2.7b3 - 385K                               Did you ever dream of  having two computers in one? Now it's possible! MBM will help you to intall two or even more versions of Windows on one computer.

 HJ Split - 109K   HJSplit splits large files into smaller ones. Of course, it can join the split parts back together again.

 Mini Apps - V1.34 - 2.8M                    Twenty five free software in one install: Alarm Clock, AlphaBook, AttriBat (file attribute control), BlockIt, Tape Calculator, 2 Calendars, Change Video Resolution, RGB Color converter, Drives Info, File Inventory, 2 IconViewers, Long File Name Backup and Restore, Make Shortcut, Move files and folders, MyNotes Lite, MyNotes, Sort Lines Alphabetically, Resources and Swap file Meter, Resources Monitor, Submission Info, Stay OnTop Text, US and Country area codes, Win95/98 Config registry settings helper. Option to remove unwanted programs. Words can't explain these valuable mini utilities, check them out. Requires VB 5.0 Runtime files.

 My Old safe - 709K    Quick and easy password protection for your files. Just drag a file to the "Safe" to lock it away from prying eyes. Maintains record of all encrypted files - Just drag it out to restore.                                                  

OpenUtilities99 - 3.9M  OpenUtilities99 is a useful all-in-one utility set. It ranges from Disk, AntiVirus, Security, Compresion and Internet Protection. It includes OpenDoctor99 1.0 (cleans your HDD), OpenZIP99 2.0 (a freeware zip/unzip application), DesktopShield99 1.01 (locks you desktop to prevent unauthorized access) and more.

PowerReg '99 - 466K PowerReg '99 gives you the hidden features in the Windows Registry so your computer runs in a better condition ever. PowerReg '99 gives you the tips, tricks, and tweaks for your computer so it runs in a perfect condition always.

Messcleaner v2.0 - 450K Scan your system by file extension(s) or size, delete or move the results manually or automatically. Delete the contents of nine directories completely (use file filters and/or timer). Scan startmenu shortcuts for deadlinks. Scan for file duplicates.

Shortcut Doctor - v1.0 - 1.8M Autility program who help you to remove automaticaly any invalid shortcut from Start Menu. He have an options to scan Start Menu on every Windows start or periodicaly.

 SysEnhance II Beta 3.2 1.2 MB SysEnhance II is unique system optimization software, dealing directly with hardware. It configures the PCI chipset (or Host Bridge), the Processor, and other components, such as the TCP/IP connection. After detecting your hardware, it automatically proposes the best optimization for your system. Almost all recent components are supported, processors from AMD, Cyrix, Intel, IDT, and chipsets from Intel, VIA, and in the future SiS and ALi, plus display adapters from Matrox. The ability to configure Windows with the registry has recently been added, in order to provide a complete configuration and optimization solution.

Unfrag 1.0 134K Unfrag hunts down compound files and defragments them. These files are created by Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other applications that support OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). The files often become fragmented and thus take up an inordinate amount of hard disk space.

Registry Saver - v1.0 - 87K Makes a copy of your registry every time you start windows. In the event it gets corrupted you simply run a batch file to restore it.

FreeWheel 2.0 - 186K Freewheel lets you use your Intellimouse scroll button to scroll in applications where it normally doesn't. I use it regularly.

Backup and Restore - v1.1 - 24K  Copies autoexec,config,win.ini system ini system & user.dat files into seperate folder. restores any or all if Windows95 fails to boot correctly due to program confilict. DOS based to restore without windows.

ViruSafe Web 4.02 - 1.1M Here's a neat and free! web-browser integrated virus scanner. Whenever you download a file, ViruSafe Web pops up, scans the file and will save it to your hard drive only if the file is virus-free! The utility is otherwise totally transparent. The publisher, EliaShim has a full range of anti-virus and anti-vandal security applications.

Crypto - 32K Encryption program that allows you to make any file secret.

Rescue - v2.0 - 495K This is a recovery program that is extremely powerful! It is fully functional and easy to use. It will backup and restore the following files:Autoexec.bat, Config.sys,, IO.sys, MSDOS.sys, Protocol.ini, System.da0,System.dat, System.ini, User.da0, User.dat, Win.ini,should a corruption happen. It also has an install and uninstall program with instructions.

 FreeMem Standard - 156K FreeMem Standard is a good choice to give applications the memory (RAM) they need. On an individual basis, you can free up an amount of memory and thereby you avoid unnecessary swapping of Windows95.

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